While on a book tour I won't be offering regular yoga classes in my community. However you can book me to lead a group retreat if you have a group of 10 or more.


When the lips are closed,
then the heart begins to speak;
when the heart is silent,
then the soul blazes up,
bursting into flame,
and this illuminates the whole of life
- Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Sufis know a process of turning away from the acculturated life and towards the ground of being, a vantage point from which meet the part of ourselves that is knowing. Because our acculturated life is not in the rhythm of the soul, retreat combines contemplation, meditation and silence as tools to point to something living within us. The Sufi's say that the heart is the depth of the mind, deeper still is the soul. The only true book that need no liaison is nature. To experience these aspects of ourselves we must make a shift from our ordinary interest, view, pace, and priorities and go within. The reward is understanding, the discovery of inner wisdom and peace.

Sufism is a universal point of view. It can be used to bring depth to any religious practice. Each participant is invited to bring the language, forms and practices of their own tradition or religion into the retreat process.

I am available to guide group retreats in you area. Please be sure you have a group of 10 or more who are willing to commit three consecutive days that will be spent in silence and without any connection to the ordinary world. The fee for retreat is $300. per person. A venue willing to offer us 2, 2 hour time slots a day for three days is all that is needed. If there's a venue where the group can live together for the tree days, all the better.

I am a certified retreat guide and representative of the Sufi Order International and graduate of the Suluk Academy.It is my greatest pleasure to guide you on retreat.